Your Why Must be Specific and Powerful


After you do the work to look inside yourself and find out what you really want out of life, then what?

The next step is finding your why.

Why do you want your what?

After a speech I gave last week, a woman came up to me and asked a great question: “How specific should your why be?”

My answer is: As specific as you can make it.

Get 100% sure of your what and why. Get 100% committed to them. Then your how will appear.

— Greg Knapp

Your why is the driving force to your Passionate Purpose and all the goals you set in the pursuit of it.

Get crystal clear on your why.

Here’s what I mean. What is the purpose of your financial goal? Yes, of course it’s to earn more money, but why?  Why do you want to earn more money?

Is it so you can be financially secure for life?

Or is it so you can be financially independent to the point you no longer have to work while maintaining your lifestyle?

Is it so you can take better care of your family, make memories with them on special vacations, allow your children to take piano lessons?

Or is it to expand your business so you can positively affect more people?

Is it so you can give more generously?

Is it all of the above?

How would achieving that goal make you feel?

What is it for you? Why are you pursuing your purpose and your goals? Spend some time thinking about it.

Here’s how you do it:

1) Write down your Passionate Purpose or a goal and then ask yourself, “Why do I want this?”

2) List as many reasons as you can. Keep going past the material reasons into the emotional reasons.

3) Then for each reason you wrote down ask yourself again, “Why do I want this?”

4) Keep doing that until you can’t answer the question anymore. You might be surprised at what types of whys you find that you have never brought to your conscious mind before.

5) Make a new list of your most important whys. Read the list every morning and night.

This is why you work so hard. This is what will motivate you through the tough times. This is what makes it all worth it.

Let’s GO!

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