Your Best Life


Here’s your mission tonight, if you choose to accept it. Spend one half hour of your limited time on this big, blue marble hurtling through space writing down what your best life would look like. The questions below are to help guide you through this.

Done correctly, this is an extremely uplifting exercise. Just organizing and prioritizing your best life can increase your happiness, optimism, and belief that you can accomplish your goals.

I want my life to be so awesome that only Morgan Freeman could narrate it.

When you answer these questions, don’t edit yourself – or tell yourself “no” – or “you’re being unrealistic.” This is Fantasyland time. No limits. Reality will come later. We’re looking for your best life.

We want the answers to come from your gut. Write as quickly as you can the first answers that pop in your head. Listen to that quiet voice inside you. Let it get loud!

What would you do if it were impossible to fail?

What would your career be?

What would your marriage be like?

What would your income be?

How much free time would you have?

Where would you live?

How many people could you help?

What type of relationships would you have with your children?

What would your relationship be with God?

Where would you travel for vacations?

How many vacations would you take each year?

What would you have crossed off your bucket list?

How much would you give away to charity each year?

What would your spiritual life be like?

Where would you volunteer?

How much would you weigh?

What would your physical health be?

Would you play an instrument, speak a foreign language, or know how to dance?

What groups would you belong to?

These are just some questions to get you started. What questions do you need to ask yourself to get to your best life?

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that I view as rude, snarky, mean or off-topic. Hey, this is to support each other and have fun! Let's Go!

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