Who Else Wants to Help People AND Be Profitable?


The time is always right to do what is right.

—  Martin Luther King, Jr.

My friend, Rick, had a problem at his business. The quick solution was to fire a troublesome employee. He chose to help him instead. It could change the man’s life and also help my friend’s business.

The business needed to cut some costs, so Rick and his partner started looking at every position in the company. They had a feeling one of their guys wasn’t pulling his weight. They asked him to chart out his day for a couple of weeks and show what work he was actually accomplishing.

The results: This guy was only working TWO HOURS a day. (I know, why would he admit to that? I guess he’s lazy, but honest.) To top it off, he has a drinking problem that was starting to show.

The guy came in 40 minutes late the other morning. Rick told him they needed to talk. The employee became very defensive, started dropping F bombs, yelled, “I quit!” and stormed out the door…

Obviously, this guy was done. Let him go, right? Well, Rick is a Christian who means it. He and his partner have a mission statement that includes how they want to treat their employees.

They knew they could accept his shouted resignation, but they also knew the man had a family, he needed the job, and he needed help. They decided to help him.

They talked with him and explained that they loved him and didn’t want to lose him. But in order to stay, there were going to have to be some changes and he was going to have to get help with his drinking problem. Then they went about reorganizing his work day so he could become a productive member of their team.

Rick stepped out of his comfort zone and even told him he was praying for him. The guy said he was an atheist but appreciated the prayers.

So far, it’s working out. Rick and his partner were able to help this man and his family. They were also able to create a loyal, grateful employee who is now working harder and straightening out his life.

He’s even asked Rick about the Bible.

You can do the right thing and be profitable.

Question: Do you have a story of business being done like this? Has anyone ever gone above and beyond in treating you well where you work?


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