Have You Bought the Myth That Real Artists Starve?

My interview with Jeff Goins


If you’re anything like me, once or twice you’ve probably told yourself something like: “Self, I have a dream – a Passionate Purpose – that I want to pursue and share with the world. But, that’s risky. I might fail. I should probably stick with my ‘safe’ job. I don’t want to become a starving artist.”

But what if the starving artist is a myth? What if there’s a way to start working on your Passionate Purpose, build success over time, and then take a strategic risk to make it your full time endeavor? That would be sweet, right?

That’s what Jeff Goin’s new book, Real Artists Don’t Starve, is all about. He walks you through the myth of the starving artist, the lies we’ve been told by (mostly) well meaning people, and gives you strategies to pursue your art without ending up eating government cheese in a van down by the river.

In my interview with Jeff we cover:

  • How to not be a starving artist
  • Why you should steal from your influences
  • How to apprentice under a master for free
  • Why it’s important to build patrons who support you
  • How to take strategic risks, not reckless ones
  • A great story on how John Grisham became a best selling author

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