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Is there something inside you – maybe even something screaming inside you – that says you’re not living the life you were made for? You know you were destined for something better. You want to count and make a difference.

Are you having difficulty figuring out what your purpose and passions are? Do you think you know your purpose but can’t figure out how to make money at it?

Are you overwhelmed with everything it takes to really change your life now?

Would you like a life coach, but you’re just not ready to commit the money it costs to get one to one coaching?

That’s why I designed this Ecoaching course – to help you Change Your Life NOW.

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My purpose is to help as many people as I can find and pursue their Passionate Purpose so they can live the extraordinary lives of their dreams and make a difference. I want to help you…

  • Find your purpose and your passion
  • Overcome the fear and obstacles holding you back
  • Become more successful than you’ve ever been in every part of your life.

Buy the 40 Day Ecoaching Course

I help you discover what matters most to you, and then help you go get it.

I do this with daily emails for 40 days that present life changing ideas, ask you powerful, open-ended questions, and challenge you with action steps to create your new future.

I help you pull out the desires, values, ideas and solutions that are already inside you.

I have an M.A. in counseling psychology, I’ve started three small businesses, and I have experience using all the techniques I share with you in this course.

Using my coaching experience, my M.A. in counseling psychology, and the techniques I’ve used in my life to become a nationally syndicated talk show host and start three small businesses, I will

Here’s what you get in this powerful 40-Day course:

  • Daily Coaching email w/main idea, story, humor, questions and action steps
  • Direct email access to me with additional questions
  • One coaching video each week
  • One coaching podcast each week

Bonus material

  • Bonus eVersion or audio version of GO! How to Find and Pursue Your Passionate Purpose
  • Bonus eBook full of exercises and questions to help you find your Passionate Purpose

Gregory B. Knapp

  • M.A. in Counseling Pyschology
  • Experience coaching and counseling
  • Author of GO!
  • Twenty years as a radio talk show host including national syndication
  • Started three small businesses

Is this the time you decide to Change Your Life NOW?

Or, will you decide to wait and see if things get better, somehow, without doing anything to change them?

Let’s GO!

Buy the 40 Day Ecoaching Course

Here’s what people are saying about my coaching and books.

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“After 20 years at the same company, I was laid off. I had no idea what to do. I didn’t even like the job I just lost. Greg helped me find my purpose – and my passions. Then he helped me devise a plan to create my new life. I’m taking action and I’m more excited than I’ve been in years. I highly recommend Greg’s coaching!”
–Isabella Rodriguez

“Greg is an excellent resource to help you achieve your passionate purpose. He is quick to get to the heart of what is driving you and willing to brainstorm on how to best put your goals into action. I highly value our time meeting together as he holds me accountable to pursuing the steps he’s inspired me to put in place.”
–Nick Siegel    

“I felt like I was just going through life aimlessly and didn’t really know what I wanted. Thanks to Greg’s coaching, I now feel like I’m taking charge of my life. He has helped me set goals and follow steps to achieve them. I am more organized, I have a positive outlook, I seriously cut down my alcohol intake, and I exercise more.  I can’t thank Greg enough.”
–Martell Love

“If you want to win in business and in life, you’ve got to be intentional. Nobody succeeds by accident or stumbles into a fulfilling life. You’ve got to put some work into it! In Go!, Greg shows you the steps you need to make the most out of your life. It’s a great game plan filled with things that I’ve been doing for years. Don’t miss it!”
Dave Ramsey
New York Times best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio show host

“I loved GO! I think it’s one of the best user manuals for life that I have ever read. It’s a great and important message and it deserves a large audience.”
–Todd Rose
Author of The End of Average

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