“I’m Too Old To Live My Dream”

When I finished my presentation on Finding Your Passionate Purpose this morning. One of the men in the audience said, “Greg, I’m a little depressed now. You got me to think of a dream I gave up on because I’m too old.”

“What was the dream?” I asked.

“To be a Catholic priest.”

Now this guy looks to be in his late 50s, maybe early 60s. I said, “Too old? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there are a TON of old priests! Have you seen the Pope? This isn’t just a young man’s game. Why would you be too old?”

Are you telling yourself you’re too old? It’s only true if you believe it.

  • Grandma Moses didn’t START painting in earnest until she was 78.
  • Ray Croc didn’t start McDonald’s until he was 53.
  • Duncan Hines didn’t license the right to use his name to the company that developed his cake mixes until he was 73.
  • Julia Childs didn’t make her television debut until she was 51.
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t get Little House in the Big Woods published until she was 65.
  • Fauja Singh didn’t run his first marathon until he was 89.
  • Audrey Crabtree went back and graduated high school at the age of 99.
  • Frank McCourt didn’t publish Angela’s Ashes until he was 66.
  • Diana Nyad didn’t swim from Florida to Cuba until she was 64.

You can still live your dream. Let’s GO!

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