How to Recession Proof Your Life AND Enjoy It

Following your Passionate Purpose doesn’t mean you only do one thing to earn a living. What happens if that one thing changes so much you can’t or don’t want to do it anymore? What happens to you and your family then?

The days of getting a “good” job and working there until you retire are over. The global economy is so dynamic now, it’s difficult to predict what’s going to happen in the future.

We need to start by figuring out what we want and why. Then, follow our lifelong process of pursuing our Passionate Purpose.

I can earn money while helping people and pursuing my Passionate Purpose by writing books, eBooks, audiobooks, giving speeches, creating seminars and DVD courses. I’m still cultivating other ideas off my Passionate Purpose as well. My plans include writing more books as well.

I’m continually learning how to:

  • Find new ways to follow my Passionate Purpose
  • Fully enjoy my dream occupation
  • Master new skills in my field
  • Develop new income sources with what I love to do
  • Grow spiritually
  • Keep my marriage full of love
  • Connect with my children
  • Become fluent in Spanish
  • Play guitar
  • Improve my physical health
  • Read and understand financial statements
  • Buy and sell houses, apartments, and commercial properties
  • Negotiate deals
  • Trade and invest in the markets

I do all this to be prepared for my future, to take care of my family, and to get where I want to go. Most of this is fun stuff that I actually enjoy doing. Don’t get me wrong, everything isn’t rainbows and unicorns, but I refuse to work my whole life doing what I hate.

This is also the smart way to go in the so-called New Economy. The bottom line is you never know what’s coming. I found this out the hard way.

I thought I had arrived. Everything was going according to plan. I had achieved my dream of becoming a nationally syndicated talk radio host. I was on more than 60 radio stations nationwide. I had a safe, two-year contract with my syndicator. Everyone at the company told me they loved my show. They told me I was the future host for them.

Then the recession hit, the company lost tons of advertising revenue, and I was informed they couldn’t afford to renew my contract. No one had lied to me or treated me poorly. They still loved my show, but the economics didn’t work anymore. Circumstances had changed.

Thankfully, I was already pursuing my Passionate Purpose and had options. My wife and I had put enough money away in our emergency fund to last eight months. I was working on a documentary on wasteful government spending, beginning to write this book, and working on investing more in real estate. Unfortunately, I didn’t have all these sources of income up and running before I lost my job.

Because I was already thinking this way, I was able to find work as a guest radio host for nationally syndicated talkers when they were out on vacation, and for talk shows all around the country. I filled in as the interim music leader at my church, and got my real estate license. All that, and my wife’s job as an elementary school teacher kept us going until I landed my next full-time gig as a radio talk show host in Kansas City.

My situation absolutely confirmed for me the need for all Americans to change their mindset on what the American dream is and how to get it.

Your motivation will rise and fall throughout your days, months, and years. It happens to everyone. The key is to figure out how to stoke your fire and keep yourself motivated.

Focus on your why. Do what you love. Keep learning new things and developing new skills. Stay focused on your most important goals. Revel in the joy that comes from pursuing your Passionate Purpose and living thelife you’ve always dreamed of.

Attend seminars from people you respect in your field. Keep growing and developing yourself every way you can.

Sometimes we get so caught up in achieving our goals that we miss out on what’s happening to us along the way. Don’t let that happen. Enjoy all that the process will bring you. As you pursue your Passionate Purpose you will improve and become more than you used to be. You will develop new skills, gain experience, and gather new information. You will grow into a better person.

It’s impossible to truly achieve your goals without improving yourself. Remember to enjoy achieving your goals and to enjoy the process you went through to achieve them. It’s your life, after all. Shouldn’t you make it awesome?

Let’s GO!

(I’m now offering a 40 day online coaching course to kick start finding and pursuing your Passionate Purpose.)

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