How to be Smarter, Faster Better


We all want to be more productive and innovative. We’d like to help our employees do so as well. What if you can do it by changing how you think and helping others change the way they think? Charles Duhigg explains how to do this in his book, Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business.

The book is full of real world examples of companies and organizations doing it the right way and how you can as well.

I had the opportunity to interview him on my radio show. You can listen to that here.

Duhigg contends:

  • Motivation and productivity are skills that can be learned and practiced
  • To motivate ourselves we need to feel we are in control
  • To help your employees increase productivity, give them more autonomy
  • Focusing on why you’re doing a task increases your chances of completing it
  • A great way to increase innovation is to combine two existing things or ideas

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