“Everyone Can Make A Difference”


Do you have the desire to make a difference in the world? To live a life of meaning, value and significance? We all do, don’t we? Well, maybe you think you’re not “enough” to do that – not smart enough, talented enough, old enough, young enough, rich enough, educated enough…ENOUGH!

Everyone can make a difference. But, everyone won’t make a difference. It really is up to you. I can give you an example of every type of person you can imagine who found a way to get around their shortcomings to make a difference in the world.

I had Gracie Schram on my radio show this week. You can listen to my interview with her here. It starts with a sample of one of her songs.


Her Passionate Purpose is to make music and make a difference. She’s only 18 and she’s already recorded two albums. She made her first one when she was 10, used it to raise over $30,000, and then built an orphanage in Haiti. Wow.

She’s already done a TEDex talk on how everyone can make a difference. Gracie is also part of the We Stand Summit events to encourage and inspire 9-12th graders to be future leaders.

Gracie told me you don’t have to be a great singer-songwriter or go to Haiti to make a difference. Everyone and anyone can do it.

She’s right. Do what you can, where you can, about what you care passionately about.

You can make a difference.

Let’s GO!

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