Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!


Standing still is being lazy. We’re supposed to hustle, multitask, keep moving, get things done, NOW! But, what if, sometimes it’s better to stand still? What if all the rushing around makes it harder for us to get where we want to go? What if standing still and strong on what we value attracts people to us? What if slow and steady really does win the race?

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This morning I was standing still on my backyard deck. I had my Mac propped up on the railing and the only thing moving on me were my fingers. I was in this position for 20-30 minutes when, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something flying right at me.

A hummingbird flew within inches of my face. It hovered for a few seconds, seemed to be studying me, and was gone. It was the closest I’ve ever been to a hummingbird without the aid of a feeder. The only reason it happened was I was standing still.

Of course there’s a time and a place for action. But, how many relationships, projects, opportunities, and deals have you missed because you were running around instead of standing still?

And “standing still” doesn’t mean you aren’t doing anything. I do a lot of thinking, planning and creating when I’m standing still. That’s extremely important to your life and business.

I’ve found when you get clear on who you are, what your purpose is, set limits on what you will do, and stand strong on that, you will attract the right people and opportunities to you.

I used to think that was all new age mumbo jumbo, but my experiences now have proved it to be true.

The real bonus is when you live this way, you’re also happier and more authentic.

Questions for comments: When’s the last time you noticed you were running around for little gain? When’s the last time you slowed down and acted more deliberately? How did you do it?

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