Be MORE Selfish

Uh, Greg, not sure if you missed this, but being selfish is bad. And, Christmas is right around the corner. You’re supposed to be generous. What’s wrong with you?

Normally, I’d agree with you. But, what if being selfish is the best way to help other people? Can you be selfish and serve others at the same time?


It goes right to what a friend said to me, “Greg, I get what your saying on how great your life can be when you find and pursue your Passionate Purpose, but isn’t it kind of selfish to focus so much on ourselves?”

It all depends on what you mean by, “selfish.”

When I was nine years old I flew on a plane for the first time. Everything was brand new and thrilling. But, one thing puzzled me. The flight attendant told the adults that if the plane depressurized they should put the oxygen mask on themselves before they put it on their child. Wait…what? Don’t they care about us kids?!

My mom explained to me that the adults might pass out if they tried to take care of the children first. Then, no one would be able to help the kids. Being “selfish” would allow the adults to help the little ones who couldn’t take care of themselves.

It’s the same with finding your Passionate Purpose. If you don’t figure out what you’re here to do, how can you do your best to help others?

Once you find it and start pursuing it, you begin to do the best work of your life. Yes, it will be good for you, but it will also be the best thing you can do to help everyone else.

It’s the same thing with your family. You need to be selfish in your marriage. Take all the time and energy you need to keep it strong and grow it. Then, you can serve your children through that strength.

How about for your career? If you’re not selfish with your sleep and taking breaks from a busy schedule, you will wear down, burn out, and do less than your best work. No one wins in that scenario.

Question for comments: Where do you need to be more “selfish” in your life so you can serve others more?

Let’s GO!

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