Are You Important?


Do you feel important? How important do you think you are compared to other people? Your responses will determine how successful you will become.

It’s tough to be successful if you don’t feel important. Your beliefs and your mindset might even start to sabotage your success. Hey, why should you be so successful? You’re not important enough.

Most of us overestimate other people and underestimate ourselves. You are better than you think. –Greg Knapp

Decide right now to stop the self-deprecation. You are important. No one is more important than you.

Here’s the other side of that. No one is less important than you are, either. Someone may have a more “important” job, or responsibilities or status, but we are all equally important as human beings.

Remember that the next time you are dealing with someone who intimidates you and remember it the next time you’re meeting with someone you might think you are superior to.

If you treat everyone as an equal – there is no one more important and no one less important – good things will happen. You will have more confidence and more compassion.

It’s a great way to improve relationships, make more friends, and become a better person.

As a bonus, you will be surprised how much more business it will create. You never know what the “unimportant” person might mean to you one day.

As you elevate others, they will elevate you. As you feel more important, the idea of you becoming more important resonates with your subconscious. You will start to think, “You deserve it.” “You’re important.”

Guess what? You are!

The best way to turn your day around is to help someone else. –Greg Knapp

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