A Gift of an Extra Hour a Day


What would you say if I could give you an extra hour every day?

You’re busy. You work full time. You work around the house. You have a family that needs your time, care, and attention. If you’re like me, you are wiped out by the end of the night when everyone is finally put to bed. When do you have the time and energy to pursue your Passionate Purpose?

Here’s how you get you gift of an extra hour a day:

Wake up one hour early.

What?! I don’t get enough sleep as it is. When did you start smoking meth, Greg? Did you miss that big discussion we had about how busy I am?

Hey, I understand. You’re right. (Except for that part about me smoking meth. I kind of want to keep my teeth and not look like someone who was raised by wolves on the Appalachian Trail in the 1930s.) Sleep is very important. So instead of popping on the TV or surfing the web how about getting to bed early so you’re rested enough to get up earlier?

Some nights you might not be able to get to bed on time, but I bet you will still enjoy that extra hour if you make getting up early a habit. After a while, you will develop this new routine and love it.

But I’m not a morning person!

I’m not either. But you know what? I’ve come to love getting up before everyone else in the house does. The morning is quiet. No one bothers you. No one is calling or emailing you. No one is demanding you do something for them right now. It can be a great start to your day. You can get your coffee or tea, pray or meditate, and get prepared for the day. Then you can get an hour in on your new Passionate Purpose project. You are going to feel awesome when you do this (not the waking up part, but the getting stuff done for you part).

Andy Traub has written a great book on how to get up early. He helps you get this new habit started with uplifting daily messages, support groups, and apps. Check it out at http://www.earlytorisebook.com/

Here’s my interview with Andy on this idea.

Action Steps:

1) For one week, keep track of what you do the last hour you’re awake every day. Is it productive? Can you get it done earlier so you can get to bed on time?

2) Get to bed on time.

3) Wake up one hour earlier for 30 straight days.

4) Reap the benefits!


Questions for comments: How has waking up earlier helped you? What are you doing with that extra hour?

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