You Can Be What You Want Right Now

Violinist Rachel Barton Pine says she had her infant daughter in mind when she decided to record an album of lullabies.

Greg, you can’t just be what you want right now. That’s silly.

Hold on a second, Mr. Doubter. It might not be what you think. Read on and then yell at me if I wasted your time.

Have you ever said anything like this to yourself?

I wish I was a…

Business owner
Tech developer

Have you followed that up with statements like these?

I could never make a living at that.
I don’t know enough to do that.
My work isn’t good enough to be that.
I would probably fail at that.

I have. I’ve talked myself out of a lot of fun, adventure, art and good work before I even had the chance to try. Not anymore. Now, I just start doing it. That doesn’t mean I’m great at it immediately, but I am doing it. Jeff Goins reminded me of this recently.

If you want to be an entrepreneur start working on a side business today.

If you want to be a teacher – teach.

If you want to be an artist – create art.

If you want to be a singer – sing!

But whatever it is, why not start doing it today? It will flip a switch in your mind to make what you want to become possible.

You might hate it. You might fail (temporarily).

But you also might love it and realize this is what you were made to do. You might just end up living that life of purpose, meaning and joy that you always imagined.

Once you start doing it, you can truthfully say,
“I am an entrepreneur.”
“I am an artist.”
“I am a teacher.”
“I am a _____.”

This doesn’t mean you will immediately become great at what you love, but at least you’re now doing it and becoming it.

Try at least one new thing this week and tell me how it goes.

If I can help you with anything, just ask.

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