The One Thing I Know Works – That I Keep Forgetting to Do

We all know setting goals works. We know that writing them down is crucial. We know that creating a plan and taking daily action to achieve those goals gets us there faster.

We also know that most people rarely even begin this process and those of us who do, don’t always follow through.

I’m giving a speech on this next week and while I was writing it, rewriting it and rehearsing it I realized I’m not practicing what I preach.

I’m not reading my top 3 goals every morning and every night.

My daily, weekly, and monthly plans aren’t keeping up with my goals.

My written goals are out of date.

I’m doing a lot of things on the fly and it’s slowing me down.

Has this happened to you?

How long has it been since you took a few hours, gotten away from all distractions and figured out what you really want? How long since you wrote it down, wrote down your plan to get there, and started taking action every day?

It’s worth the time.

I just did this again yesterday. I want to help you do it, too.

I working on building my speaking business so I created this goal:

“I am so thankful that I am serving and helping people by giving 2 speeches a month to organizations, colleges, and churches for $$$$ each on 10/12/2016 or something even better.”

I made my goal:

• Specific and definite
• Measurable
• Stated in the present tense as if you already have it
• Positive
• With a deadline
• Open to something even better that you might not have thought of

Then I created a plan of action. I figured that for every 10 organizations I offer to speak to, I might get one to book me. So, I need to reach out to at least 20 a month to land 2 speaking gigs a month.

I also committed to asking everyone I know if they know any organizations that could benefit from my messages. I got three great leads out of that right away.

Next I created cold email templates for the different types of organizations I’m looking to present to. I used the Internet to find the right people and started emailing. I’ll keep you posted on the results I get.

I’m getting back into the habit of reading my top 3 goals every morning and every night. It keeps me focused and it keeps my mind thinking of new ways to make my goals become my reality.

Action steps:

1) Schedule four hours and a special place to go where no one will bother you.
2) Download the worksheets in my my free eBook — 5 Steps to Finding Your Passionate Purpose.
3) GO!

Questions for comments: Do you notice a difference in your life when you have written goals and written plans to achieve them? What’s different?

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that I view as rude, snarky, mean or off-topic. Hey, this is to support each other and have fun! Let's Go!

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