Reviews of Greg’s Work

dave“Greg shows you the steps you need to make the most out of your life…Don’t miss it!”–Dave Ramsey New York Times best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio show host

Tom_Zig_HighRes_0“Are you tired of feeling ‘trapped’ when you know that life has so much more to offer?  Or perhaps you are on the right track, but you want to accelerate your journey to success and significance?  Then you need to pick up and devour Greg’s book, Go! How to Find and Pursue Your Passionate Purpose today!”
Tom Ziglar
CEO of Ziglar, Inc.

“Greg recently spoke to our business person’s group and presented 10 no-nonsense, data-based recommendations for generating greater individual productivity and efficiency.   After just one week of implementing several of these suggestions into my work and personal routine, I have seen noticeable results.  I’m sure that others have had similar outcomes.”
Gem Mann, MBA, CPCU
Past Club President

“We needed someone to set the tone for our annual kick-off meeting. Greg achieved that and more! With his guidance, we were able to step beyond the numbers and the strategies and learn the importance of our ‘why,’ our purpose. The team left with an appreciation of how to take ownership of their own success – both personal and professional. Greg gained a following as a coach and mentor and the team left with the motivation required to have a very successful year!”
–Marc Bolick
CommScope Senior Vice President
Inside Plant Fiber & Core Fiber Technologies

“Greg presented Business on Purpose to HR professionals who are always looking for strategic ways to engage employees, increase morale and reduce turnover rates. He was energetic, his communication style interactive, and he provided pertinent research on why companies are most successful when the organization’s goals are aligned with employees’ sense of purpose. Many waited in line afterwards to meet him and get his book autographed. I would highly recommend him for your next event.”
–Cindy Weber
SPHR, SHRM-SCP, EPNKC Board Treasurer

“Loved Greg Knapp’s session about finding your purpose and doing business on purpose. As entrepreneurs, I think we sometimes forget to smell the roses and assess what our impact to the world is, or can be. It was a homerun for me.”
–Helzberg Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program Retreat

“Greg spoke to our leadership team, which included physicians, executives, and middle management. Greg tailored his presentation to our industry and genuinely connected with the audience. His entire speech was engaging, informative, and filled with actionable items. He truly energized our group and reinforced our mission as a TEAM!”
–Dain Sisk
MBA, BSN, RN, CCRN Director-Tele/ICU, RT, & Patient Care Services Western Missouri Medical Center

“As an audience full of entrepreneurs and small business owners, Greg motivated us to help our companies and internal teams find their purpose and passions and align them with company goals. I look forward to hearing more from Greg in the future.”
–Marc Shaffer

“Greg provided us with warmth, inspiration, self-reflection and good laughs. He graciously accepted the challenging task of speaking to domestic violence victims. His speech was thoughtful, thought provoking and empowering. One client stated, ‘This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you, Greg!'”
–Lia DAgrosa
Shelter Advocate
Hope House

“Greg was a great addition to our event. He connected on a personal level that was not only inspirational, but also reflective.  We purchased copies of his book for all of our employees, so they would leave with a road map to Find and Pursue their Passionate Purpose.”
–Richard King

“Greg left us with a lot to think about and challenged us to stop just making a living and to start earning a life. That resonated with the room. His positive and encouraging spirit was a great kick off to our conference.”
–Ron C. Hamilton
Business Management Governance Head
Senior Vice President

“I strive to bring in a professional speaker that is educational, relevant and entertaining. Greg was a hit on all counts. We have a diverse group of professional women and men and Greg left everyone feeling motivated and ready to take action.”
–Debra Weilbacher
Program Chair
ABWA Dynamic Connections Chapter

“Greg is an energetic presenter who broaches the tough topic of time management. His straight-forward suggestions for taking control of your day and accomplishing the important rather than the urgent was a breath of fresh air and filled with a bunch of ‘a-ha’ moments. I would highly recommend having him as a speaker. Your life will become more manageable and you will get more essential things done.”
–Donice Mahan
Director, Hillcrest Platte County

“In a busy work world, Greg offered practical solutions to managing time and setting priorities in an entertaining and engaging way. Feedback on his presentation was positive from our membership group.  I look forward to working with Greg again!”
–Lisa York
Program Chair, International Public Management Association for Human Resources, Greater Kansas City Chapter
Human Resources Manager

“It is not an easy task to engage an audience at 7:30 a.m. Greg hit it out of the park with us. His presentation for Finding and Pursuing your Passionate Purpose had all of us reflecting, laughing, and feeling motivated. A great way to start our day.”
Brad Moore
Entitlement Coordinator
BRR Architecture

“Greg fired everyone up. We loved his real life examples and hearing how he has reinvented himself. Greg is upbeat, engaging, and he created an amazing buzz in the room! Our team was super motivated. I will be recommending him to speak at other groups.”
Pat Moore
IIDA Account Manager
Modern Business Interiors

“Greg’s presentation was very insightful.  I appreciate how he brought awareness to the things we do daily that impact our focus and increase our stress.  Being in HR I always say I’m multitasking but I learned that there is no such thing! My goal now is to make a concerted effort in planning my day the night before and setting aside focus time daily.”
–Sunshine Petrone
Human Resources Director
City of Lansing

“Greg Knapp was the keynote speaker at the annual Development Day luncheon of the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR).  Greg did an excellent job.  The feedback was very positive. I would enthusiastically recommend him to any group looking for high quality public speaker.”
–Whitney Kerr Jr., SIOR, CCIM
Managing Director

“All of our members were fascinated with Greg’s presentation on how to get what we want and asked him a ton of questions.  Greg is definitely an expert in helping us GO!”
–Joe Graham
Vice President Commerce Bank, Private Banking

“Greg’s riveting presentation provided much needed concrete directions and resources that we can utilize going forward to ease the flow of our workday and life.  I just want to thank Greg for an interesting, insightful and much needed presentation.”
–Marsha Toler
HR Assistant
Assisted Transportation Services

“I was very happy with what Greg presented to my people. His message was clear and inspiring, while keeping the mood light and humorous. He was very easy to approach and flexible in how we set up our evening. Greg took lots of time before and after our event to speak with us as individuals, which really had a positive impact on everyone. I would recommend anyone considering an upcoming event to reach out to Greg – he has many programs to meet your needs.”
–Andy Suber
Director, Blue Mountain Capital, Inc.

“As an instructor, I appreciated Greg’s presentation style.  He kept the message flowing and his visuals emphasized his points and were blessedly void of words.  He obviously knew his message well and was able to deeply engage the audience.  Refreshing!”
–Lenet Compton
Roth Group Training Instructor