Put Your Oxygen Mask on First


A friend said to me, “Greg, I get what your saying on how great your life can be when you find and pursue your Passionate Purpose, but isn’t it kind of selfish to focus so much on ourselves?”

Not at all. Let me explain…

When I was nine years old I flew on a plane for the first time. Everything was brand new and thrilling. One thing puzzled me. The flight attendant told the adults that if the plane depressurized they should put the oxygen mask on themselves before they put it on their child. What? Don’t they care about us kids?!

My mom explained to me that the adults might pass out if they tried to take care of the children first. Then no one could be helped.

It’s the same with finding Your Passionate Purpose. If you don’t figure out what you are here to do, how can you do your best to help others?

Once you find it and start pursuing it, you begin to do the best work of your life. That work will serve others better than anything else you could do.

Yes, it will be good for you, but it will also be the best thing you can do to help everyone else.

My favorite Zig Ziglar quote makes the point well:

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Put your oxygen mask on first and then serve your way to success.

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