“Find Your Passionate Purpose” is Bad Advice, Greg!


It has become trendy to say that following your passion will just lead to disappointment and the poor house.

Well, it can if your passion is to make beet and brussel sprout flavored chocolate bars. (Hey, wait a second…you might be on to something!)

I don’t think some people understand what finding and pursuing your Passionate Purpose actually means.

It doesn’t mean wandering around for decades waiting for something to make your heart leap and then sliding down a rainbow into a pot of gold where you never have to do any hard work again.

It doesn’t even mean you were born with only one passion that will ever make you happy.

It doesn’t mean you can’t have multiple passionate purposes, or that they can’t change over time.

What it does mean is there are things you have done and experienced that you really liked and showed ability for. It means you already have some desires, beliefs and values that could become something to build a life around.

Why not start pursuing some of those and see which ones resonate with you? That’s how you find your passionate purposes throughout your life.

Some people claim you should just work hard at something and once you get better at it, you will become passionate about it. Well, I was really good at math in school. I worked hard at it – but I hated it. Should I have become an accountant or an engineer and tried to force myself to like it?

No thanks!

Doesn’t it make sense to try out things you really like (maybe even feel passionately about)? When something starts to click for you, that’s when you should develop your skills and become world class at it. That will grow your passion and your success.

But that isn’t the ending point. You will still need to research ways to monetize it. You will still need to create goals and action plans to get there. In other words, it still takes work.

But why wouldn’t you want to work at something you’re passionate about instead of something just to make a living?

Follow your passion is great advice – if you understand what it really means.

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