Do Less and Achieve More on Purpose

How focusing on what's vital and eliminating distractions leads to more success in less time

focusYour busy lifestyle and the demands on your time have you pulled in a million directions. Emails, meetings, faxes, and phone calls distract you from the real work you want to do. Sometimes you get so busy putting out fires, you barely have time to do the things that matter most to the future of your business and life.

What if there was a way to sift through all the noise and focus on the vital things?

This presentation leads to a new mindset on your work and life, and provides tested strategies and action steps to silence the distractions and focus on what’s most important in order to Do Less and Achieve More.

Target Audiences

Organizations and leaders who understand how overwhelming life’s demands can be and want to find a way to create more space for the things that matter most. Presentations are tailored to your specific needs.

ROI: This presentation challenges the status quo on how we think about “work.” When team members use the techniques we cover, their productivity, rate of success, and lives radically change for the better.

Participants will:

  • Discover the paradox of how doing less can actually help them achieve more
  • Realize lack of time is not the problem, lack of focus is
  • Understand how multitasking, being reactive, poor email management, and “drifting” destroy their productivity
  • Learn strategies and techniques to arrange their day, focus, and effort on the right things at the right times for exceptional success
  • Leave with practical action steps they can implement immediately
  • Optional takeaways: A personalized, paperback copy of GO! A digital version of GO! The companion eBook, 5 Steps to Finding Your Passionate Purpose, packed with action pages to move your people forward

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