How to Avoid Settling


Remember the last time you painted a room? You went to the store, picked out a color, they put a few drops of it into the base paint and then put the can in the shaker machine. They shook the heck out of it until the color drops where whipped up into a frenzy. It created the exact color you wanted.

When you got the paint can back to the house and opened it up, you stirred it again, didn’t you?


Because the paint had started to settle. Even in that short trip back from the store, it began to settle and lose its consistent color.

Months later when you needed to touch up a spot on the wall, what did you do with the original paint can? You shook it like crazy again.


This time the paint had settled hard. It needed to be shaken, stirred, and whipped up to get it back to its full color and vibrancy.

We are all paint cans. No matter how energized we were when we began our purpose, project, marriage, parenthood, life…

…we all start to settle.

How much settling are you doing right now?

What can you do today to shake and stir yourself into the vibrant, colorful, enthusiastic person you are when you are at your best?

Action steps:

1) Take a look at your current goals for every part of your life. (Do you have any? If not, create them today.)

2) Update those goals for what your truly passionate about.

3) Create action plans that support those goals. Make sure your actions include things you enjoy doing so you can find some happiness now and in the future as you’re achieving your goals. If you’re just a destination goal, and not a process goal person you’re setting yourself up for failure.

4) Start taking consistent daily action today.

Let’s GO!

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Day 1 of Your New Life

If you are at the point where you want to change your life, I’m excited for you. This is Day 1 of Your New Life.

To get started, I’ve got some questions: Why do you want to change your life?

Because I’m not happy, Greg. Jeez!

I get that things aren’t where you want them to be. I’m not trying to get down on you, I’m just trying to help you get clear on why you must change. That will keep you going when the journey gets tough.

During my coaching session this morning I asked my client, “Why do you want to change your life?”

He said that was a good question and he’d have to think about it for a minute. He already knew down deep, but I don’t think he’d ever taken the time to articulate it and bring it to his conscious mind.

After a few moments he said, “Greg, I’m tired of just going through the motions. I’m not sure if I know my purpose. I think if I can figure that out, it will help me make the changes to make my life better.”

That was a start. I then followed up with, “What do you mean by ‘better’?”

He replied that he wanted to earn an income to provide for his family so they could live in a better neighborhood with better schools and they would have everything they need.

“Beyond that, Greg, I feel stuck. I don’t know where I’m going next. I don’t feel needed where I work, and my self-confidence is low. I want to find purpose in my life and work so I can love what I do and take care of my family.”

Now, we were getting somewhere.

Why must you change?

Take some time to figure it out and write it down. Make it as real and emotional as you can.

Do you want to be more excited about your career, your spouse, your relationships, your family, and your spiritual development?

Do you want freedom to control your own time, career, vacation, and life? Freedom to travel the world with the people you love?

Do you want to generate abundant amounts of income so you can do everything you’ve ever dreamed of, take care of your family, and give to help others?

Why must you change your life?

Once you’ve figured that out, you can move on to what you want and how to start doing it. We’ll do that next.

If this post resonated with you, Please subscribe to my blog and get my free eBook — 5 Steps to Finding Your Passionate Purpose. You can also purchase my book, GO!

How Do I Make Money at What I Love?


“Greg, I have a couple ideas on what I love to do, but no clue how to make money doing them.”

I hear you. I have 7 tips on how to get started doing that, but first you need to hear this story.

I know a guy who is a self-described geek. He also has a Passionate Purpose to be an actor. He worked at it for a long time with limited success.

One of the things he loves is Star Wars. One night at the comedy club, he decided to do a bit on the original Star Wars movie. It was a hit. He then expanded it to a one-man show of the original trilogy of Star Wars. He is every character, sound effect and musical instrument in the production. He added in humor and he ad-libs a bit with the audience for good measure.

He has been touring the world to sold out crowds with this show for 15 years! I just saw him at Starlight in Kansas City in front of several hundred people with ticket prices between $25 and $50. I think he’s doing ok financially.

Click here for an example of this crazy show by Charles Ross.

Here’s a photo of my family right before we saw the show. (We’re the ones not in costume.)

knapps at Star Wars

Remember, most of us don’t have just one thing we love. This doesn’t have to be a search for that. That’s a lot of pressure to find the “perfect job.”

Even people doing what they love still don’t love every part of the job. That’s ok.

Here are some tips:

  1. Get clear on a couple things you love to do and why you love to do them. Write it down. Then write down the question, what can I do with my unique talents in these areas to serve others? Read what you want, why you want it and your question about how to serve every morning, noon and night. Unleash the power of your conscious and subconscious minds to start coming up with ideas.
  2. Another way: Look at all the things you love and match them up with your skills.
  3. Become world class at what you really love. As Steve Martin said, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” When you get to that level, you have skills and abilities that almost no one else has. That will open all kinds of doors towards earning money.
  4. Do an Internet search on “careers/jobs/opportunities/positions in _______”
  5. Keep doing a job you like, and work on what you love in your spare time. Perhaps it can become your new career or a supplement to your income.
  6. Find someone who is already doing what you want to do. Take them to lunch and get all your questions answered. Try to find a way you can help them. Ask what you can do to repay them for their time and information. Perhaps they will become your mentor.
  7. Use your knowledge of what you love to create and sell a product or service online. For example, create a “how to” online course with a skill you’re particularly good at.

Life is too short to do something you hate 40-60 hours a week.

Don’t believe the people who tell you to give up looking for what you love and just do something that pays the bills the rest of your life.


Questions for comments: What things that you love to do are you having trouble figuring out a way to monetize? I’d like to help you come up with some ideas.