Business On Purpose

How to develop an uncommonly engaged, productive, loyal, and happy team

Go! 3D cover finalAre you struggling with employee engagement and morale, stagnant productivity and high turnover rates – even for the team members and executives you want to keep? Are you looking for ways to engage, motivate and inspire your team?

A revolution is breaking out over the purpose driven workplace. Research has proven that organizations with a strong sense of purpose develop a better culture and work environment, and team members who are significantly more engaged, creative, productive, loyal, and happy. All of that leads to a better bottom line.

Starting with purpose is what the best people want in their work. It triggers their internal motivators and brings out their peak performances. It also helps attract and retain the very best people.

Target Audiences

Organizations and leaders who are looking for their common and individual purposes that will guide them to engaged team members, customers, and exceptional success in and out of the workplace. Presentations are tailored to your specific needs.

I have two separate presentations on this topic: One is focused on helping your leaders set up an environment that leads to a more engaged workforce, and one is focused on kickstarting your team members to find their purpose in and out of the office to become the highly valued employees you desire.


Participants will:

  • Find, Create, or get 100% clear on the purpose in their business that everyone in the organization can rally around
  • Discover how helping team members find their purpose, in and out of the workplace, will lead to happier, more engaged, more productive people, while also improving their bottom line
  • Understand how their organization’s purpose is centered around the benefits it provides to its clients/customers
  • Team members will be inspired and convinced that finding their Passionate Purpose in their organization will lead them to exceptional success and greater well-being in their life and work
  • Leave with practical, actionable steps they can implement immediately
  • Optional takeaways: A personalized, paperback copy of GO! A digital/audio version of GO!, The companion eBook, 5 Steps to Finding Your Passionate Purpose, packed with action pages to move your people forward

The Next Step

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