Are You Willing to Trade a Day of Your Life For This?


Hey, give me a day of your life! If someone demanded that from you, you’d want something good in return, right? Your life, even one day of it, is a precious thing. We don’t get to make more days – they’re limited.

Then why do we treat some of our hours, days, and even years on what we know is not our Passionate Purpose? Why do we spend so much time just going through the motions? Why do we sometimes come to the end of the day and think, what did I do today that mattered?

Sometimes life beats us down.
Sometimes we’re just trying to get by.
Sometimes we get in a rut.
Sometimes it’s too scary to even think about how stuck we are.
Sometimes it’s too scary to figure out what we really want and then to go for it.

So…we drift…we go through the motions…

And time keeps slipping away.

If you wouldn’t let someone have a day of your life without getting something great in return, isn’t it time to demand something great from yourself?

What will you choose to do.

Let’s GO!

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