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Are you living the extraordinary life you dreamed of as a kid? Do you wake up every morning with the same excitement you did on Christmas morning? Why not? Do you feel “trapped” in a life you didn’t expect to lead? Am I going to stop asking you questions and get on with the “about” part of my about page? Yes, I am.

I am almost obsessed with finding ways to live my version of an extraordinary life and helping you find and live out yours.

Wouldn’t you love to create a life where you are passionate about your work, make a great income, have plenty of leisure time, can work from wherever you want to, have amazing personal relationships, a rewarding marriage, an uplifting spiritual life, and great physical health?

Well, guess what? I believe everyone who wants to do this, decides to do this, creates a plan and does the necessary work can do this. I even wrote a book about it. It’s called, Go! How to Find and Pursue Your Passionate Purpose. The theme of my book is also the theme of my blog.

It’s all about finding and pursuing your Passionate Purpose. You might be surprised how many things start working out when you get in line with what you were really put here to do.

On my blog I discuss with you how to find your true calling and how to take the daily steps necessary to experience your best life. With stories, research and examples, we go over the tools to stop dreaming about it and start doing it.

We find our purpose, and Go!

I started studying personal growth and motivation 24 years ago when I was getting my masters in counseling psychology. I have literally read hundreds of books on the subject. I’ve lost count of all the videos I’ve watched, books I’ve listened to in the car and seminars I’ve attended. I can’t get enough of it. I love this stuff. I’m fascinated at how people change their lives. I use what I talk and write about in my life everyday and it has served me well.

Here’s my latest purpose:

To inspire people to find and pursue their Passionate Purpose with all they have so they can live out extraordinary lives that will change the world.

Then, after breakfast we can save the whales and create world peace. (Wait, are the whales still in trouble?)

Ok, I know this can sound corny, but I like corny. Corny inspires me. I believe we can do it. Why not me? Why not you?

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More about me:

After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in psychology and the University of North Florida with a masters in counseling psychology, I drifted from job to job trying to find my purpose. I dug ditches, worked construction, waited tables, taught climbing and rappelling techniques, and worked as a felony probation and parole officer. But nothing made me feel fully alive and joyful until I started talking on the radio. This was a way I could reach people. I could let out what I wanted to say.

It took me a while to get into the radio business. I was working as an in-home counselor and behavioral specialist for children and their families when I decided to pursue my passion in radio. With zero experience, education or training in the industry, I went from being a radio producer, to buying time on the air for my own show, to becoming an afternoon drive time host in the fifth biggest market in America. I then became a nationally syndicated talk show host and I’m now hosting a show in Kansas City.

I’m also writing books, blogging, speaking, and coaching people to find and pursue their Passionate Purpose. I’m so glad you’re here with me.

I have an amazing wife and two daughters who are a ton of fun.

Let’s Go!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that I view as rude, snarky, mean or off-topic. Hey, this is to support each other and have fun! Let's Go!

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4 thoughts on “About the Blog and A Little About Me

  1. Loved hearing you on The Capitalist Pigs this morning. I miss hearing you on the radio show. Glad to know you have this blog! please add me to your notify list. Thanks!

  2. I love you! I called the station when you were “trying out” the first time and told them you were amazing. You got the job and I listened every morning. When you left… I stopped listening and went to another station. When I found out you were back – I am back! Thank you for your fantastic show, opinions, and insight … and especially your passion.

    • Thanks so much! Sorry it took so long to get back to you. This slipped through the cracks. all the best. GK